A robbery was thwarted at a Cleveland Food Mart when a quick thinking store employee responded to the threat of an armed robber with a firearm of his own.

It happened at around 10:45 pm, according to Cleveland.com, when the suspect, 26-year-old Fredrick Thornton entered the business, armed with a hand gun.

Thornton was wearing a hoodie and surgical mask to conceal his identity, and had latex gloves to prevent any fingerprints from being left behind.

Thornton pointed the weapon, sideways, at the 51-year-old clerk, and demanded that the contents of the register be turned over.

After several tense moments, a second store employee comes sneaking onto the scene from where he was in the back.

This second employee was able to grab the store’s firearm, and held it close to the back of the robber’s head.

We should pause right here to point out that while it’s great that there was an armed civilian to put a stop to a robber who would may have gone on to commit more crimes, it is never a good idea to close the distance between you and the robber.

A gun will shoot just fine at ten to twenty feet away, and the robber, who has just become more unpredictable because he is now facing a new threat and may feel cornered, will be unable to attack and try to disarm you.

Never get into hand to hand combat with somebody that you have just drawn a gun on. Leave that stuff for Matt Damon and Vin Diesel.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to a lack of training, the second store employee did just that, and the suspect was able to turn around, and the two then wrestled for control of the gun.

The clerk who was manning the register made his way around the counter to help in the scuffle, and the pair of employees were able to disarm and hold the would-be robber captive until the police could arrive.

While the armed employee almost made a situation much worse by closing the distance between him and the robber, the entire scenario worked out in the end, and the two clerks managed to put a halt to one young punk’s career in crime.

You can watch the surveillance video below: