The breast massage improves blood circulation and milk spill and has a positive influence on milk production and just in the first days and weeks after the birth of your baby that the fact of massaging the breasts briefly before each feeding it is especially useful to avoid the milky stasis and mastitis. The massage should be gentle and should not cause pain. Wash hands thoroughly before any massage.

How to make :

Take one breast between your hands positioned in horizontal and massage the gland tissue. Then, repeat the operation but taking the breast between your hands vertically. You can massage the glandular tissue making circular movements with the tips of three or four fingers of the Other hand resting on piano. The fingers are moved each time by 2-3 cm, and the procedure is repeated, To Have Extended the massage to the whole breast.

2) Gently caressed her breasts from the bottom up to the nipple. This can stimulate the flow of milk.

3) Try to gently squeeze a drop of milk by squeezing the nipple with your thumb and forefinger and gently pushing in the direction of the rib cage. Finally, exerted a slight pressure of the thumb and other fingers forward, in the direction of the nipple, without stretching the skin. Slightly moisten the nipple with a drop of milk straight out, in order to stimulate your baby to suck.