After a Christian student disagreed with his professor’s beliefs, the scorned woman failed his essay, had him expelled, and filed a false police report against him. However, shortly after the student proved his innocence and was reinstated, the bigoted professor just received satisfyingly terrible news.

Last month, 20-year-old Marshall Polston broke the silence about his suspension from Florida’s Rollins College, claiming that he was expelled after he challenged his terror-tied Muslim Humanities professor Areej Zufari when she mocked Christianity by claiming that Jesus wasn’t the Son of God and that his disciples didn’t believe so either. This earned the straight-A student a failing grade on his next assignment.

 However, the final straw came when a Muslim student explained that homosexuals should be dismembered in accordance with Sharia law, a religious proclamation that Zufari refused to denounce. When Polston informed the dean of safety about this disturbing threat, he was permanently suspended for allegedly making Zufari and the campus feel “unsafe.”

After the media exploded with reports providing evidence of Zufari’s malicious behavior and terrorist ties, Rollins College was forced to reinstate Polston, admitting that he had done nothing wrong. Of course, they still defended Zufari despite the revelation that she had falsified a police report against Polston for stalking and threats. Although the Islam-capitulating college refuses to deliver justice to Zufari, outraged American were there to pick up the slack.

Thanks to indignant Americans raising their voices for justice, Zufari has officially resigned from Rollins College amid backlash for her unethical behavior. After the college refused to discipline Zufari and protected her instead, school officials say that they received over 10,000 angry emails and letters demanding Zufari’s terminationThe Blaze reports.

Zufari also withdrew the injunction she had filed against Polston for “protection against stalking” after he provided the Central Florida Post with video surveillance footage that showed him nearly 100 miles away with his grandfather at a restaurant. The irrefutable evidence exposed Zufari as a liar, but that didn’t stop the college from repeatedly searching for anything they could use against Polston, who told Sean Hannity that a college official told him that they “unfortunately” hadn’t captured him on camera at the location on campus in which Zufari alleged he was stalking her.

The college, which still sides with Zufari, claimed that Polston was not suspended for challenging Zufari but instead for posting a “vulgar” and “mean-spirited” comment about her to another student on Facebook. As expected, the college merely took Zufari’s word about the comment and both refused to produce the remark that was apparently enough to get Polston expelled. Finally, the college admitted that the comment wasn’t a threat and reinstated him.

Zufari publicly claimed that Polston sent her an email threatening her life. Of course, her lies were again exposed when Polston provided The College Fix with said email after she refused to disclose it. Still, Rollins College President Grant Cornwell refuted all the proof provided by Polston to side with Zufari, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Unbelievably, Cornwell purports that the woman who wrongfully had a student suspended, falsified a police report, and has been in court for terrorist activity in the past is the victim, not the student who has endured her religious persecution. “She resigned this semester because of the hateful threats and emails and phones messages she was getting,” Cornwell said. “I think it’s a terrible injustice, but I do respect her decision. This is too raw for us to make a speculation. This has been traumatic for her.” In addition, Cornwell says nothing of the “hateful threats” that the Muslim student made in class, the same ones Zufari refused to report.

Proving their bias, the Orlando Sentinel conveniently omits the fact that Zufari filed a false police report against Polston, claiming that he was outside of her classroom intimidating her. After she went to the police, Polston submitted video evidence that he was over an hour away at a Chipotle restaurant during the time that Zufari claims he was stalking her. Unsatisfied with merely getting Polston expelled, the scorned professor wanted him legally punished, as is the case with those accused of blasphemy under Sharia law.

Luckily, Polston was rightfully reinstated at Rollins College. However, Zufari is still free to teach her radical, bigoted views in the U.S., which is why we must continue to oppose the indoctrination of Islamic fundamentals within our education system at every cost.