Colin Kaepernick was a man on a mission. His kneeling trends during the national anthem were a direct result of his eagerness to act out against the police brutality and racial division in the country…or so he says. However, it now seems the chain of reaction he caused is a direct hit against the country, its leader, and its initial values and principles.

Ever since then, the NFL teams have taken a nasty ‘operation’ of boycotting the national anthem every chance they got. Some refused to stand as the anthem was playing, while others remained in their locker rooms. Rare were those who stood proudly with their heads held high, listening to the anthem with dignity.

Kaepernick, as a contrast, did everything in his power to impose that racial tensions on every other liberal in America, which escalated the issue even further. At the same time, he dismissed everything America-related while still making millions as an NFL player. But, what he didn’t take in consideration was that his adoptive parents were also white. Speak of

Instead of being grateful that he was given every opportunity to succeed in the country, he trashed them as a result. Now, that alone should tell you about the kind of person you’re dealing with. Kaepernick was a stipend student at the University of Nevada in Reno, from where he began his quarterback career.

Regardless of his rebellious nature, his parents are still supportive of him and give him the thumbs up in everything he does.

Since Kaepernick kneeled, he has been struggling with finding a team willing enough to sign him, even though he signed a contract worth $126 million earlier.

Well, it is not like he didn’t deserve it. What should be happening right about now is us finding ways to keep him on a leash, before he takes this nasty practice out of control.