The Black Lives Matter marches may not be as “grass roots” as the Drive By Media would have you believe that they are.

According to the Professor of the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, the movement has actually got a secret backer who has poured millions of dollars into their cause.

Radio show host Rush Limbaugh claimed, during his daily broadcast, that one of the big masterminds behind the movement was none other than billionaire George Soros.

Limbaugh claimed that Soros was supporting the Black Lives Matter cause, to the tune of $33 million, because he wants to tear down Capitalism, and tear down the United States.

“I’ve never understood why they want to tear it down, but they do, and George Soros, the amount of money, I was stunned last week, I’ve learned George Soros has given these people $33 million in the last three or four years, $33 million.”

Though the Drive By Media will often lovingly refer to Soros as a generous philanthropist, he is known among the Conservative community as a shadowy puppeteer.

That’s because Soros does not donate his money directly to causes bent on destroying the United States, but uses front groups to funnel the money.

According to the Washington Times, Black Lives Matter donations were first transferred to the Open Society Foundation, an organization created by Soros, who then in turn made multiple donations to Black Lives Matter.

Limbaugh remarked that he was unable to understand why Black Lives Matter backers, like Soros, were so determined to tear down the United States.

“My ability to understand these people in that sense, I’ve never understood why people want to tear down the greatest economic engine that has ever been, that enables everything they believe.

It enables all their welfare benefits. It enables all of their whatever.”

What do you think Soros is hoping to accomplish by pouring millions into Black Lives Matter?