Protests within the NFL have taken a nasty racist turn over the past several weeks, where we now have black players rendering black power salutes whenever they tackle white players on the field, and racist-inspired injuries occurring where it appears as though some black players are now refusing to block for their white quarterbacks. With weeks of this disgusting racist behavior showing no signs of letting up, protesting athletes are suddenly changing their tune, admitting in secret meetings with coaches that they are now “scared to take a knee.” And the reason why protests could soon be ending overnight proves who really had the power in this country, despite what liberals would love for you to believe.

It’s unclear what the breaking point was that caused NFL fans to stop watching the game and cause NFL ratings to subsequently plummet. Perhaps it was Americans being disgusted over the increasing number of racist black athletes rendering black power salutes when they tackle white players, a trend that “oppressed” millionaire Seahawks player Michael Bennett started last month.

Or maybe the breaking point for NFL fans was learning of the massive scandal surrounding white Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who appears to have had his back broken by his black teammates after they refused to block for him as a savage punishment for standing for the anthem.


Or perhaps the final straw for NFL fans was witnessing Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters sitting on his butt after the Las Vegas massacre, and then screaming “F*** you, b****!” at fans in the stadium who were upset over his callous actions.


Or maybe NFL fans finally decided enough was enough was after witnessing Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Vince Williams lashing out at fans burning their jerseys, telling former fans over twitter to not to bother ever coming back. “If you burned your s****, don’t buy it back #bandwagonclosed.”


Whatever your reason for boycotting the NFL was, your message has been heard loud and clear. After nearly empty stadiums greeted protesting athletes over the past week, these hard-headed millionaires finally woke up to the unfortunate fact that Americans have much better things to do with their time other than being bombarded with the racist sentiments of oppressed and spoiled millionaires.

In a hilarious turn of events, several protesting athletes revealed that they are actually petrified of their drastic fan loss that’s occurred overnight, and they’re completely scared now to take a knee and protest. As one “oppressed” millionaire athlete player so eloquently put it, “people have to feed they family.” IJ review reported:

According to The Root, who spoke with multiple NFL players on background, teams have ordered players to stand for the anthem. Players who wish to protest do so at their own career peril. The report indicates that many players are “scared” to protest, especially if they are not starters, “People have to feed they family,” the one member of the coaching staff says.

“They didn’t say what would happen,” said one NFL linebacker who plays for one of eight teams whose owners donated to Trump’s presidential campaign. “But they let us know that we are expected to stand during the anthem.”

Another player texted that after Trump made his remarks last week, his coach informed players that they would make one demonstration as a team, and they would be done with it. According to the player, “Certain players were allowed to speak on it after the game last week and then they said the case was closed. Whoever did something after then was doing it as an individual and they always say ain’t no room for individuals here.”

One member of an NFL coaching staff said the general manager asked the position coaches (who are often the lowest-ranked coaches but have the most contact with the players) to “feel out” which players might be thinking of taking a knee and to “talk to them.”

Out of all the players you see taking a knee, there are probably three times as many who want to do it but are scared. If you ain’t a one or two at your position (meaning a first- or second-string player) you ain’t doing it. People have to feed they family,” he said.

A common misconception in this country is the notion that the First Amendment will automatically shield you with exercising your freedom of speech. While every American does in fact have the right to express their viewpoints, the First Amendment does not protect you from the repercussions of being disrespectful towards our country, or the backlash that ensues when you disrespect our soldiers and police every time you decide to take a knee or sit on your ungrateful butt as our colors are raised.

This story just proves that no matter how brazen these NFL felons try and be with their outlandish anti-American antics, hit them in their pocketbook where it hurts, and suddenly they’re running scared like little mama’s boys. For anyone who has been disgusted in recent weeks with the disgusting racist overtones the NFL taking on, it should put a huge smile on your face to realize that your voice…through your boycott…is actually starting to work.