Democrats across America took it as their mission to try and poison each citizen of this country of the non-existing connection between Trump and Russia, in regards to the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections. Defying the liberal point of view is writer and journalist Sharyl Attkisson, who decided to, for a change, start asking questions and doubt everything the media wanted her and others to know.

If everything was exactly as the left described it, the DNC wouldn’t have any objections to turn over their servers to the FBI, right? Well, it seems there is something else ‘cooking.’

“If Democratic National Committee DNC had turned its server(s) over for FBI exam after alleged Russia hacking of emails, I wonder what would have been found,” Attkisson tweeted. “Why didn’t FBI didn’t just take servers if national security were at stake? Permission not needed for matters so important.”

What’s even more appalling is the fact the DNC was actually trying to obstruct FBI’s investigation, too. This did not leave Twitter users apathetic:


It is only natural to wonder as an American- isn’t the country’s safety at stake here? Wasn’t the DNC supposed to bring the truth out instead of burying it deeper? Is there a skeleton in their closet, or a few for that matter?

 Mostly, why did the FBI drop the server investigation altogether? It sounds like James Comey has a lot more questions to respond to before closing this case as it is.

What Attkisson wondered was only fair to ask, with Americans speaking out on social media as well.