The owners of one restaurant chose principles before profits by decided to stop showing the NFL games until the whole anthem protests scandal is over.

Even though this decision has caused the restaurant to loss of some customers and receive a negative criticism on social media, the National Sheriffs’ Association decided to support the owners of the Fat Tuesday’s in Fairfax, Virginia.

“National Sheriffs’ Association is going to pay the check of any #lawenforcementofficer’s meal at Fat Tuesday’s,” it tweeted.

 Karen Butler and R.L., the owners, said that after watching the protests develop over the weekend, they thought enough was enough.

“As proud parents of an active-duty member of the U.S. Army and a veteran of Afghanistan, we stand on the side of our brave men and women in uniform, not the men in sports costumes that take a knee and disrespect our country, our national anthem, our military and our veterans,” they said, referencing their daughter’s military service.

“We place a much higher value on our great country than any sporting event. Therefore, we will not be showing any NFL games at Fat Tuesday’s until there is a stop to this foolishness,” they wrote.

“On our end we’re probably foolish to do this, but we are gonna lose business over this, but on the other hand enough is enough,” Butler stated.

Butler never mixed politics with his restaurant business in the last 35 years, but this was too much even for him.

“How can people dishonor our flag or our country or our national anthem?” he said.

Butler knew he would get a lot of criticism for his decision.

WJLA reported that one customer said he would never step a foot in the restaurant until they started showing the game, claiming the owner failed to realize that the NFL players are making a statement for racial inequality and social injustice.

Barbara B. Sockwell, one Facebook user, called for a boycott as a response to the owner’s decision.

“I’m going to need Virginians to boycott Fat Tuesdays in Fairfax. Apparently they do not understand that black lives matter and that this stance against the national anthem has nothing to do with the flag, vets, first responders, etc. So they’re refusing to air NFL games. I say boycott all Fat Tuesdays. They weren’t getting any of my money anyway. I guess the NFL is supposed to demand the players to stand. As if they are slaves. They have a right to protest. It’s time we’re exercising our freedom of speech,” she wrote.

The National Sheriffs’ Association sent the restaurant $1,000 to cover the expenses of the free meals as a response to the boycott.