This is the state of the left today. They are so filled with rage about losing power that they openly applaud each other for expressing their hatred of Republicans.

At a recent city council meeting in Seattle, the openly socialist member of the council received applause for her anti-Republican remarks.

The Seattle Times reported:

In Seattle, is it now taboo to be friends with a Republican?

Can we just get along?

This question is being asked more and more, what with the bitter polarization of the nation. The answer, right now, would appear to be a resounding no.

 It’s not because we can’t. We don’t want to.

I had that thought the other day when I was listening to the Seattle City Council. Many council meetings of late involve left-wingers shouting at other left-wingers for not being left-wing enough. But on this day, a new purity test of left-wingedness was revealed…

One council member, Tim Burgess, tried to highlight this basic agreement by noting that “even some of our Republican friends” have been calling for seismic changes to the incarceration system. Burgess cited an article by the Seattle brothers Mike and John McKay, former U.S. attorneys and, yep, both Republicans, who excoriated their own party’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, for calling for harsher sentences even on low-level crimes.

Kshama Sawant wasn’t having any of that. She stood up and said Burgess wasn’t speaking for her with this “our Republican friends” stuff. Because, she assured the crowd, she doesn’t have any Republican friends.

Yay, cheered the crowd.

Make no mistake. These people don’t want to meet in the middle and find solutions to America’s problems. They want to defeat conservatives who they see as enemies and they’ll do anything to win.