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Trump campaign worker, and former GOP staffer, Nick Corvino, 30, was killed in his bed Tuesday evening, allegedly shot to death by his roommate, 45-year-old Scott Weddell.

Waddell was charged with first-degree murder after police found his hands and feet covered in blood. Weddell said that he did not remember hurting Corvino, though he did admit to suffering from nightmares and having thoughts about wanting to kill young men.

The Orlando Sentinel explained that Corvino, who had worked on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and was Trump’s central Florida political director, had been shot 13 times, with bullets penetrating his head, back, and legs.

Nick Corvino was a GOP staffer and member of the Trump 2016 election team.

Nick Corvino, 30, was shot to death in his bed.

Cameras in the apartment captured some of what happened, though the murder, itself, was not caught on video. One of the image show Weddell getting out of bed at around 11 a.m. then, apparently, shooting Corvino. Another clip from the video showed Weddell pulling Corvino’s body to the side of the bed then staring at Corvino for several minutes.

During police questioning Weddell was reported to be very cooperative and willing to talk. Reports are that Weddell said that he and Corvino, who he called his “best friend,” had been watching television and drinking during the evening prior to the shooting.

Scott Weddell, 45, is the leading suspect in the death of 30-year-old Nick Corvino.

The Orlando Sentinel highlighted that Weddell claimed to be on medication to treat a mental illness.

A very sad end to the life of a young man with tremendous possibilities ahead of him.