Hurricanes and other natural disasters are often perfect opportunities for looters to come calling, thinking the pickings will be easy in homes that have been evacuated.

Many residents spent days stockpiling food, water and other essentials getting ready to ride out the storm in their own homes.

Too bad a few two-footed predators didn’t know that.

One suspect had been shot in the head and is reportedly clinging to life in a local hospital. The second burglar was shot and killed.

Neither of these brainless thugs probably knew there are an average of seven firearms per household in Texas.

That is a lot of firepower.

In addition to open carry, the Texas Penal Code empowers licensed residents to use deadly force to protect public and private property.

Texans aren’t people known for running away from adversity, either. So, the odds were against these two looters that the homes they had targeted were empty.

“Burglars might want to think twice before they try to burglarize homes in a state where people are armed and willing to ride out the storm,” according to Blue Lives Matter.

It’s a hard lesson for these people to learn, but in Texas, private property is a cherished right, not a crime.