Like any phobia known to mankind, the fear of terrorists is very real, and at the same time, irrational for the vast majority of the globe to fear.

The chance of someone being in a 9/11 style attack, or to be visiting one of the restaurants hit during a Paris massacre, or even attending an office party that two radical Islamists choose to crash and open fire on are very slim.

Most people, although they will feel some emotion at reading or hearing about the attack in other parts of the world, will never personally be in danger of such an attack.

This is not to say that it cannot happen, but only that it is irrational to spend your days worrying about it.

There is something else that might also help alleviate concerns, should you be one of those who is paralyzed by the thought that at any moment, at any time, somebody will run into the place where you are yelling, “Allah Akbar!”

An ISIS terrorist was captured by Kurdish fighters in Iraq, and a video of the captured militant has surfaced, and been uploaded to the Web.

Often times, Al Qaeda and ISIS agents try to present themselves as fierce fighters who are not to be crossed. Their propaganda videos might show them dressed all in black, wielding automatic firearms, or even climbing across a set of monkey-bars.

Yet it’s important to realize that ISIS and al Qaeda are not as tough as they proclaim themselves to be. Though they are deadly with firearms and explosives, underneath it all they are still men, and in some cases boys.

In the video, the ISIS agent is wailing, after being captured by Kurdish fighters, perhaps knowing the fate that awaits him for being a radical Islamic terrorist.

It makes one question the fierce persona that ISIS terrorists try to present.  It is quite strange that one of them would cry, even if they seemingly think nothing of torturing and beheading captured innocents.