Jesse Watters is fed up with the media attacking and calling President Trump’s family unpatriotic.

Watters points out the past administrations, along with their families, and all the unpatriotic acts they’ve done.

The Clintons and Obamas have been mimicking and cozying up to communist dictators for years!

He makes the best case yet for Trump and his family, and points out that they’ve “done more for this country than any Democrat elected official.”

On Thursday night, Jesse Watters took a moment to share his frustrations with the left’s constant attacks on the Trump family.

“I’m very sick of the left calling the Trump family ‘unpatriotic,’” he began. “They’re now the McCarthyites.”

The Fox News host accused Democrats of “trying to mimic communism” and “cozying up” to dictators and enemies for years. He then took shots at President Obama for “palling around with domestic terrorists” like Bill Ayers and the media for “colluding” with Democrats. He also claimed that they “undermine” the military.

He continued his fiery rant:

“Donald Trump’s family has done more for this country than any Democratic elected official. He has provided more jobs in the real estate industry, in the fashion industry, in the hotel and casino industry, he has created more wealth for anybody in this entire country. So to smear them as mafia or unpatriotic is absolutely shameful and I think everybody needs to wake up and realize this family is a patriotic family and what’s happening right now is a coup against the wealthy American people.”

Meghan McCain believes that the left is “ruining themselves” for using terms like “treason” towards the Trumps.

“No family gives up the things you have to give up in order to become president and run for president if you don’t have a deep love and affinity for this country. They are total patriots,” she said.

She added that the left is “gonna kill themselves” because saying things like “they’re not patriots” and “they don’t love America” “ultimately help the Trumps.”

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  1. I have a new respect for Jesse Watters for speaking up for President Trump and his family. I’ll be honest,I’ve been so upset with Fox News for being just like the main stream media and constantly talking about the democrats Russia,Russia,Russia investigation! Until recently,all we heard in the evenings on Fox News was the Russia thing.

    Thank you Jesse for being the only one on Fox News to stand up for our President!

  2. Juan is the most ignorant raving useless Democrat on The Five–thank God he is the ONLY Democrat on there or I could not stand to watch it. Being on the show he should know that interrupting a person talking is so rude that it will lose all its followers–He needs to be on CNN !!!!!!

  3. He is right and Juan Williams should be able to at least acknowledge that Jesse Watters had some correct facts in what he had to say instead of just dismissing what he had to say. Juan has a history of dismissing what people have to say when he doesn’t agree with it.

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